Sabtu, 28 Mei 2016

I know, I never need the reason for every questions in my intuition
Because I know at the end of the time, I always lie to my self, and after that I always get the answer when I know i never need the answer anymore...
Trying so hard to pretend anything
Trying to smile even broken inside,
To him for take the action maybe is zero, or maybe never or nothing. Right?
I'm just feel I always wrong for anything, for anything in my mind and heart
but what i've supposed to do? I can't do anything
You know what?
you are lier..!
Lie to me
Lie to him
Lie to everyone
And, lie to yourself
The standard question, may i guess? Its only just make the absurd situation
To take long away and with my eyes wide open
I'm just believe with fate and destiny
A lot of things in any version of reality, in a million times, in a every scene what i've ever seen...
The best thing is...
So scare, but it's encourages and inspired.
Hey.. who pushes you toward, dream and goals...
You would otherwise ignore
So, throw off the bowlines, catch the trade wind in your sail. Just keep your hope please. Dream. Discover.
And, smile with sincerity that I do always love...

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