Selasa, 13 September 2016

Dear Allah

Oh Allah, If You see me getting farther away from You,
Return me to You in a beautiful way...
Oh Allah, sometime it's really hard for me to understand what really want to happen but...
I trust You and i know You will give me the best, In'sha Allah.

Dear Allah, make me realize everything is beautifull
When I lose my hopes and plans, help me remember that...
Your love for me is greater than my disappointments
And, Your plans for me are better than my dreams...

Oh, Allah, You know what? It's really drowning me so deep
But, when I feel that... My own problems is nothing
Cause I have more greater God than my own problems...

Dear Allah, i need You the most
Make me remember about everything Your favours to me
Make me strength in my faith because I have You
Complaint? Yes, I always do. But, If i do that make me remember about Your prophet experience in You Allah...
Getting hold me to You Illahi...
Getting hold me to Your hidayah and straight ahead yaa Rab

Everything is Your mercy
Everything is Your grace
Everything is Your wisdom

Thanks for everything that You have been given to me until now
Dear Allah,
Now, let only You and I to know how much I love You than anything in this world


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